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Building the enabling infrastructure for the future of international business

A team with over 35 years experience in building global telecommunications infrastructure networks, Fibre Expressway Pty Ltd (FEPL) is creating Project Koete as an unprecedented technology ecosystem. Supporting the domestic needs of Australian industry and providing a safe, scalable hub for multi-national corporations with mission critical data-centric operations in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.


Supporting development and growth of digital networks in the offshore energy industry

  • High speed data network and transmission capacity
  • 4G/5G networks for floating and fixed oil, gas and mining assets
  • Global connectivity to facilitate remote M2M operations

Connecting the dots

A new reality for the Oil & Gas industry caused by complex market dynamics has created an urgent need for digital transformation. Price declines of more than 50 percent since June 2014...

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Secure data hub for multi-national corporations

  • Highly strategic and politically stable data-centre sites
  • 60 Megawatts combined initial capacity
  • Providing a safe back-up hub to data-centric business in Asia and beyond

A new reality

The Western and Northern states of Australia are currently underserved in term of data hosting capabilities but are geographically strategically located...

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Seismic activity and scientific ocean data

  • SMART/OBOS enabled subsea cable
  • Early warning detection of earthquake and tsunami events
  • Real time scientific data

Early detection of activity

Project Koete is designed to facilitate inclusion of a SMART (Subsea Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) / OBOS (Ocean Bottom Observation Systems) enabled subsea cable that can support qualified needs for early detection and warning...

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A unique solution to a significant and increasing global need for data and security.

In recent industry reports, revenues from data centre and hosting services are forecast to reach US$32 billion by 2023.

New DC builds in Singapore and Hong Kong will become more challenging due to environmental, space and energy constraints, as well as government moratoriums.

Darwin, Dampier and Perth offer highly strategic locations in SE Asia for transit, backup and hosting of data operations: politically stable and equi-distant from major regional data hubs.

Project Koete

Three greenfield Tier IV Data Centres in Perth, Darwin and Dampier initially providing a combined 60 Megawatt capacity.

8000km secure, carrier neutral, high speed, low latency cable linking Perth to Darwin and Perth to Malaysia via Indonesia and Singapore with a minimum of 3 fibre pairs providing unprecedented reliability.

Supporting the future of domestic industry and serving the growing requirement for secure, strategically positioned data hubs from global multinational-corporations.

A gateway from Australia to South East Asia and beyond.

Estimated to be ready for service in 2023.

Koete: a Japanese word meaning 'To Go Beyond'

The pairing of data centres and subsea cables brings a unique proposition to the APAC data market, and to remote but resource-rich customers that have been comparitively underserved by new infrastructure.

The subsea cable from Perth to Kuantan in Malaysia connects Australian industry with existing routes to the US and Europe providing an open, secure, carrier neutral, high capacity, high speed connection to global networks.

Innovative technical design using branching units and cable landing stations in the Browse Basin and North West Shelf and along the coastline facilitates unprecedented connectivity to the off-shore industries and, for the first time, contestable onshore bandwidth north of Perth to support ISPs, Mobile Services, eHealth, eLearning

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